Bringing that A-Game in College

With so many college students on campus, you may feel like you have some competition when it comes to dating. Being asked out, asking a girl out and getting a yes, or even being slightly noticeable may not be so easy for everyone.

College can be a great time for students to work on their physical appearance, or it can be a not-so-great-time, and the opposite for some. Most people know about the infamous “Freshman Fifteen”, usually gained by the ladies during the first year of college, transforming these females from the high school beauties they once were, to the girls who seriously need to put down the late night pizza and hit the campus gym.

Guys have no room to talk. College can be a place for the once-high-school-studs to transition into the beer-belly-having-young-men, which are often seen gallivanting around the campus, tummies out and all.

That being said, college can be a great time to get fit, especially so you can bring your A-game to dating, get some attention and go on some dates.

There are plenty of places to exercise on most college campuses. Many colleges have a gym, or more than one gym, pools to swim in, and a lot have hiking paths either on campus, or nearby.

Often times there are inter-mural teams, exercise clubs, and races or fundraiser walks on campus too.

As far as eating is concerned, there are so many bad food choices out there for college students, but really, it’s all about moderation. For example, don’t drink a 6-pack of beer a day, it adds up and a gut doesn’t look good on anyone! Don’t eat an entire pizza, or a huge amount of food each day, it’s going to be hard to burn all of that off!

The bottom line is that although personalities are very important in who people choose to date, in college, looks are usually a determining factor on who dates who. The best way to maintain, or even obtain these healthy looks, are through eating and drinking wisely, getting a lot of exercise, and choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

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