Broken hearted but not broken

It’s hard when someone calls it quits and the person you have spent months or even years with is suddenly MIA. Whether it was your call or theirs… it really isn’t easy. The changes that come following the split will make you realize all the little things that you took for granted. It will hurt in some ways that you didn’t expect. But ultimately, a break-up shouldn’t leave you broken.
Taking a day or two to mourn, drink it away with friends or sob into a tub of ice cream while watching sappy movies is okay. But a couple days is really all you should accept of this behavior. You have to pick yourself back up and begin to approach your life in a different way. Relationships and the people come and go – but the one person that is always there, NO MATTER WHAT, is yourself.
Take the time to reflect on not what went wrong in your relationship, but what you want to find in your next one. Focus on the positive and creating a future that will make you happiest.
If you’re one that swears you’re never going to date again – take this time to focus on your schooling or career. Really think long and hard about what you want to get out of college and what you want to get out of a career. This is the one time where you are basically uninfluenced by someone else’s opinion on things.
Dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before. Do something completely spontaneous. Start paying attention to your health and fitness more than ever before. (Hey – doesn’t hurt to have a rockin’ bod the next time you run into them!)

Whatever you do, don’t dwell in the past. You have so much life to live and so much love to give. Don’t focus on one that got away – focus on making yourself the best version of you possible.

Till death do you part.

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