Budget for success

My name is Phylicia Greene and I am a Tallahassee Community College graduate and plan on attending FIU in the spring. I am majoring in journalism and hope to become an editor. I love to write poetry, music, as well as writing on my blog to help other college mothers. My writing has gotten me a great internship at 944 magazine that is based in Miami Florida and was the best experience I have ever had outside of my daughter.

Entering college is a big step. So many changes happen at once that it can get overwhelming. For example, struggling with money, struggling with classes, teachers, etc. I would say that the biggest challenge for most of my friends and I was money. Of course we received financial aid but we never had to budget money before. Of course when you go to college you have to budget your money but we had to learn that the hard way. We thought we were rich. We bought everything we wanted from the mall, ate out almost every night, but then that time of the month would come where we would have to pay rent. Of course we would be short so we had to ask our parents. That’s when the guilt would come because when you move out of your parents’ house that is the silent initiation that you’re independent. Learning how to budget your money comes with practice and with you making mistakes. Every college student struggles but you do not have to if you budget. Now when I say budget I mean pay for your school supplies and books first. Here’s a little secret: You do not have to buy your books and supplies from the school. You can get them off of websites like Chegg, Amazon and even Ebay. They are way cheaper which means money in your pocket. Next, pay your rent and pay for your groceries rather than eating out. Cooking is not so bad trust me. If you have a car put gas in it but if school is within walking distance take a nice walk and save your gas. Catching the bus is also cheap and in most college towns they are free if you do not feel like walking. Also, having a side job helps. If you can squeeze a part-time job into your schedule then you should, There is nothing wrong with a little extra money as a backup plan. This means you can splurge on shoes, clothes, hair products, movies, whatever you want because you have gotten all the important stuff out of the way. Budgeting is very important, not just in school, but in life in general and school is where it starts. Spend your money where it is needed and do not take loans if it is not necessary. Do not take out a loan just because you want live beyond your means. Remember you have to pay back those loans so make it worth it. Lastly, if you need help just ask because there is no shame in needing a little guidance from your parents. They will be proud that you asked and that you’re trying to be more responsible on your own. Wanting the best things in life is a good thing and that is why you are in college. You go to get a career that will allow you to do that but college life is a budgeting life. Remember that.

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