Budgeting your time

Study or party? Work, friends, class, sports, social obligations. Maybe even a little creativity and adventure. There are so many parts to a fulfilling college experience and striking a balance between each commitment is a real challenge.

The worst part is, not every commitment category is weighted equally. Maybe you have a boyfriend who takes up a sizable chunk of your free time. Or maybe your studying for the GRE’s or filling out paperwork to enter an exchange program.

How do people juggle all these different paths of pursuit without neglecting anything and still having an fullfulling college experience? There’s no rule book for budgeting time in college and everyone has to make sacrifices. Likewise, nobody but you can decide what those will be. What it comes down to is using the logical side of your brain to evaluate your lifestyle. Are you happy? Why or why not?

As much as you may love your boyfriend, sport, job, or best friend, if they are considerably detracting from your ability to balance your time, you might need to cut back and redistribute the hourly allotment. Just because your in a committed relationship doesn’t mean that you need to sit on top of each other 24/7. Good grief, there’s plenty of time for that when your older.

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