Building Yourself Up

Chelsea Bowers is senior Communication Studies major, with an emphasis in Journalism at Vanguard University. When she is not working she is an active volunteer with the National Down Syndrome Association of Costa Mesa. Previously, Chelsea was the production intern for a PBS news show, ‘Religion and Ethics’ and coached three years of Junior Varsity volleyball at Lutheran High School of Orange County. Born and raised in Southern California, she enjoys the beach scene as well as the Los Angeles city lifestyle. Her passion is to travel the world, to hear and capture people’s stories and cultures both locally and internationally.

There will come moments when you will have to make decisions without your parents, friends, or teachers to guide your path. Many may define those moments as an example of maturity or an illustration of responsibility. Whether the decisions are placed upon you to make on your own or not it is the start of you paving your own path in life.

It can be nerve-wracking to make the transition from having someone make decisions for you to being your own decision maker. Standing on you own during your years at college will help the transition towards accomplishing your goals and success after graduation.

Conflicting decisions that may arise during your years of college and beyond include the rivalry between reading a book assigned for a class or watching a late night movie with friends. A significant difference between high school and college reading assignments is the teachers do not keep you accountable and there will be more content expected for you to read in a matter of a day.

I would advise for you to consider what it takes for you to excel in the classroom as an individual and note that everyone’s study habits are unique. Doing what is best for you to excel in school despite the pressures from peers and social activities will radiate on your transcripts in the future.

The first two months of college will be full of invitations to join Greek life, clubs, and intermural sports teams, which is positive way to get involved in your school. What you choose to dedicate time to should extend towards your passions as well as help for you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

You will feel like there is not enough time to accomplish all you want to take on but with a planner in hand and your time management skills constantly evolving you will realize that it is possible to get everything accomplished. Priorities will be tested and those you surround yourself with may have different values when it comes to academics and social expectations, but having confidence to do what you have passion for, not for the glory from others but for your future self, maturity will follow.

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