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Accounting spans across many industries: state and local government, private business, non-profit, and more.  All businesses utilize some type of bookkeeping and payroll services, employing a large number of accountants either in-house or on a contract basis.

What can make you stand out amongst the rest is a firm grasp and mastery of technology that has quickly evolved in the accounting industry.  As accountants who are entering the twilight of their career exit the field, businesses are looking for savvy professionals who know how to utilize the latest technology to efficiently produce quality work-product.

Accounts play an important role in any business or organization in that they are needed to collect and analyze data that could be used for the business’s future planning and financial forecast.  The quicker this can be done depends on what type of technology is used.

Business technology programs are available in various forms, whether they be associate’s programs, bachelor’s or certificate.  They also can be obtained through traditional, on-campus learning as well as remote, e-learning through online degree programs.

An average business technology program combines the fundamentals of business and finance with communication skills, ethics and technology-related accounting skills.  Students will learn the fundamentals of accounting concepts and skills and expand this knowledge with the newest accounting technology. Graduates can pursue positions in accounting or finance in any industry, so long as they have this strong base of general accounting, financial analysis, data review and network technologies.

Technology is constantly growing and expanding, and if you want to remain relevant and appealing to potential employers, it is imperative you learn the newest technology as it comes out.  Research your options and find the program that fits your needs and schedule best, keep an open mind and enthusiasm to learn, and you will succeed and stand out amongst the rest to prospective employers.

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