Buying a Nice Purse: Is it Worth It?

As college students, we don’t really have money to spare on a nice leather purse, so we often tote around, well, backpacks, and that one purse you’ve been using since high school and you can’t quite remember where you bought it, but know that you didn’t pay over $50 for it. A big part of looking older, or really not-teenager-y, is focusing on quality over quantity. This extends beyond clothing to shoes, jewelry, and even purses. But are nice purses really worth it, when the bags you have been using so far work well?
I would say they are if you really do want to look professional, and not so much if you like to carry a lot of different bags and can’t choose just one. Let’s be honest, if you’re going to drop a lot of cash on just one item, you’ll want to get as much use out of it as possible.
There’s nothing wrong with a lower-end purse from a discount store, but if you’re interested in making a change, then I suggest going to a higher-end department store and looking at their purses. Yes, the ones that may cost what you make over 4 weeks working your part-time job. Pick them up, feel them, smell the leather. Look at the details and stitching. Now look down at your own bag—how does it compare? Try that new purse on, and check yourself out. How different do you look with the nice bag compared to your old purse? Yeah, now you see why those bags are often worth their price tag.
Before you decide on a purse, though, make sure you’re willing to put in the effort to keep the bag nice. A well-made purse can last you decades, as long as you take care of it properly. It is not a canvas bag you can throw in the wash, or can easily replace if it gets caught on something or the strap breaks. Don’t put heavy things in your purse or you’ll strain the seams, spray some leather protector on the purse after you buy it in case it ends up getting wet, and treat it like the $100+ product that it is.
The benefit to owning a well-made purse over a cheaply made one is the fact that it will probably look even better with age. Its zippers will still work, it won’t fade, you basically won’t be able to find a reason to replace it, unless of course you haven’t been taking care of it. It is an investment piece, one which you should really consider purchasing in college or as a college graduation gift to yourself, to visually prove to yourself that you’re ready for the real world and ready to leave behind the low-quality items of your past.

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