Buying Used Textbooks – Selling Old

Hello! My name is Heather Hitch. I graduated from Boise State University back in 2012. I majored in Business and Human Resources. I was fortunate enough to be a walk-on on the gymnastics team at BSU for the first two years of my college career. I currently work for an investment firm that helps people with financial and retirement planning and am LOVING it!

College is an exciting time in every young life. You get to go out on your own, meet new friends, have new experiences; but with all of that there is one big bill, other than your tuition, nagging you at the start of each new semester: The dreaded textbook bill. Textbooks are one necessary thing all college students need to get through each class. There is a different book for each and every class you take, very few can ever be reused for another class you are taking, and the bill for them isn’t small.
If you buy them at your college book store, brand new, you can be paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars every semester on textbooks, you will only use one semester. After the semester is over, it will be stowed away in a closet, collecting dust.
There are other money saving options: buying or renting your textbooks, used or new, online are some of the ways to go. After the semester is over, you can sell or send them to someone who needs it. You buy the books at a discounted price, after the semester is done, you sell the books get the cash AND you don’t have to see that textbook ever again.
Places like or other auction sites can help you find the textbook you need for a price you are willing to pay, plus you can do it from the comfort of your own home and it is guaranteed you will find the book you are looking for. They will, typically, be used but sometimes that is a good thing. Some books have highlighted paragraphs from the previous owner, which can help you with the more important things to read (not saying you should read only the highlighted areas) but it can be helpful for those procrastinators. After the semester ends and you are done with your textbooks, post them online and sell them to someone else. Or sell them to a friend that you know is taking that class. The only down side of trying to sell your textbook back online is that sometimes the textbook get out-dated so it is a little harder to sell.
Another downside to buying your books online is that you have to do it in advance to your class starting. Doing it a week or so before the class begins is key because it takes about a week or so for the books to arrive on your door step.
If buying and selling isn’t your gig, you can rent books online. Find the book you need, pay a small fee, use it for the semester and ship it back; you will get some of your money back, but it is guarantee that you will get rid of your, now useless, textbook.
You are on a college, roman-noodle budget; so anywhere you can save a buck or two, you should definitely consider that avenue. Saving money in unexpected places is a highlight in college a student’s life.
College is going to be the best years of your life. Studying is important, but live it up when you can. You’re only in it for a few years (hopefully), so take advantage of every second and don’t let one slip by. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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