Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

Staying out that extra hour always seems like a good idea at the time. At least it does until your alarm goes off the next morning and you wake up with swollen eyes that scream “Hey, look at me. I didn’t sleep last night!” What you need when this happens is some serious de-puffing and you need it fast. A cold-milk compress is a great remedy to use on morning-after puffy eyes. The milk works to constrict the skin and de-puff around the eyes. You can also use an eye cream with caffeine to help your eyes go down. In a pinch, drink coffee or tea for an immediate diuretic and de-puffing effect.

When it comes to covering up any residual puffiness, makeup is the name of the game. Start by washing your face in ice cold water. You can also hold an ice cube in a wet towel under your eye for a few minutes. Both will help to dramatically reduce the swelling. After you’ve done your part to reduce the swelling, take an eye primer and apply it to the dark circles under your eyes. Primers are great because they reflect light and make dark circle look lighter. You can also use a concealer that is more on the peachy side, which will also cover dark circles. For eye shadow, you want to use something in the champagne family that has some shimmer to it. Finish by curling your lashes and applying at least two coats of mascara, three in really bad cases. If done right, no one should be any wiser to the sins you committed the night before. All they will see if your bright, smiling face and eyes that look like you had a solid eight hours of sleep.

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