Campus Safety

Your safety and health are of the utmost importance, so you need to make sure

1. Let people you trust know where you are, not social media. If you are being stalked or preyed on it will be easier to find you if you post your whereabouts online. But it’s ok to let roommates and other friends you trust know your schedule so they know when, if ever, they should worry that you didn’t come back.
2. Never accept drinks from strangers at parties, and never let your drink out of your sight. Some people think this only happens to college girls, but men have been reported to have been slipped “date rape” drugs.
3. Call an escort when leaving campus buildings late at night. No, you’re not a dork for having campus safety walk you to your car or dorm.
4. Leave doors locked, no matter how safe you feel. Propping doors open only makes your suite or hall more likely to be the latest robbery hot spot.
5. Go with your gut feeling. Is that guy standing too close, and moving closer each time you pull away? Does that girl act in a way that makes you very uncomfortable? Really look at the behaviors of people around you and if something doesn’t feel right then leave. Don’t hang around people who don’t make you feel good.
6. If you’re drinking then make sure someone who is capable of driving has your keys. You don’t want to be tempted to drive.
7. One trick a sorority once taught its sisters so they wouldn’t drink to the point of blacking out is wearing bracelets on one arm and transferring one bracelet to the other arm each time she has a drink. Limit the amount of bracelets you wear to a responsible amount.
8. If you have a party and people are drinking, make sure to have extra blankets out in case someone needs to “crash” at your place. It’s better to have someone stay the night then possibly get into an accident and hurt themselves or others.

A lot of schools have sober driving programs, such as Safe Rides. If your school has one, then it is definitely a better option than driving drunk. If not, then consider starting one. A lot of schools have volunteer drivers and dispatchers that use university-owned, donated vehicles to ensure student safety on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Also, by starting an organization you’ve not only helped your school community but have sometime impressive to share on your resume.

Stay safe an stay healthy.

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