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Mackenna Marks is currently a sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown LA. She moved from her hometown of Akron, Ohio to Los Angeles and is studying to attain a bachelor’s degree in Merchandise Marketing. She loves travelling, meeting new people, staying active, and obviously anything fashion related ;).

Instagram: @MackennaMarks

College serves as a new beginning for many students. It gives them an opportunity to have a fresh start, gain new experiences, and grow as an individual—why not kick start with a fun, new wardrobe that represents YOU as an individual?

Without a potentially irritating school dress code, teachers, parents, or even fellow high school peers lingering over your unconscious dressing decisions, college campuses make for a perfect breeding ground for the appearance of unique, personal styles.

I’m sure many of you have heard how students dress up in their greatest outfits the first day and within weeks resort back to the convenience of sweats and flip-flops. However, with just a few basic essentials listed below, dressing fashionable on campus can be easy (and trust me- no one will even be able to tell about that all-nighter you pulled the night before). When you look good- you feel good 

Must-Have Pieces for Girls

1.) Summer Dress- With warm, nice weather in full gear, you’re going to want to wear something that is comfortable and cool. A simple, summer dress is a perfect and fun way to spend those warmer days while attending class.
2.) Oversized Cardigan- When the weather gets cool, cardigans are perfect for putting over almost any ensemble. They’re also convenient to carry in your bag when classrooms get chilly!
3.) Medium Sized Tote- This is ideal for carrying your basic essentials to class; over the shoulder totes are usually easiest and most accessible.
4.) Comfortable shoes- I usually prefer combats boots- they’ll last through the winter. Flats and sandals work great too for warmer days!
5.) Nice Pair of Booties/Heels- Any type of shoes with a heel is great for going out/attending dressier events in. Booties are usually more comfortable and easier to walk, but heels are definitely a staple piece!
6.) Leather Jacket- A leather jacket is absolutely a must! It can turn any outfit from casual to dressy. It’s perfect for nights out and can easily be layered in cooler weather.
7.) Patterned Scarves/Colorful Beanies- These accessories can dress up the most basic of outfits and allow them to look stylish, while adding a fun pop of color.

Must-Have Pieces for Guys

1.) Converse sneakers- These are easy and comfortable to wear to class and give off an effortless casual, cool vibe.
2.) Plain-Solid Colored Hoodie- Hoodies can actually look very presentable when paired appropriately. They’re a great way to keep warm and when coupled with jeans and nice pair of shoes, they’re as easy way to keep casual and comfortable.
3.) Pair of Fitted Denim Jeans- A nice pair of denim jeans can make almost any outfit look well put-together and are extremely versatile.
4.) Pair of Black Leather Shoes- You never know when you’ll need to dress-up for something, and black leather shoes will coordinate great.
5.) Watch- A simple, stainless, analog watch is a great accessory to have. In my opinion, it can make someone look very mature and professional!
6.) Simple Belt- Makes sure the belt matches the shoes. This quick addition can really pull an outfit together.
7.) Winter Coat- Personally I think a wool pea coat is the best, but any nice winter coat will look put-together and keep you warm on those walks to class.
8.) A variety of Colored T-shirts- T-shirts are easy when throwing over a pair of jeans or shorts and are great for layering. Warmer skin tones tend to look best in reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, while cooler skin tones tend to appear better in purple, blues, pinks, and greens.

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