Campus Tour Guide

When students think about what kind of on-campus job they should get, a great one to consider is being a campus tour guide.

Being a campus tour guide is a great way to enhance your public speaking skills. When applying for jobs or internships, being able to say that you’re comfortable speaking in front of large groups of strangers may help you stand apart from other applicants.

Upon graduating you will have references from admissions counselors who can vouch for your professionalism. Being a tour guide means welcoming prospective students and their families to your school. Having a reference who says you show up on time, well-groomed and put together, and with a positive attitude will certainly benefit you when applying for jobs.

It’s a wonderful networking opportunity, as you will meet other students in different majors, dorms, and organizations that you may not meet otherwise. They have the potential to become lifelong friends or networking partners in the future.

If you can help in the office, having administrative experience will look great on your resume. Filing applicant records, scanning and indexing supporting documents, such as transcripts and test scores, and answering phones are some of the responsibilities that you may have that will look good on your resume.

Some former tour guides even consider working in admissions after they graduate as an entry-level job. If you enjoy traveling, regionally or internationally, it may be a great path to consider. Being a tour guide gives you an inside look at that career path.

Also, being a tour guide is fun. You’re surrounded by other extroverted people who love your school and are passionate about getting others excited about it, too. They also tend to be motivated, successful students who are goal-oriented. College can be tough, but surrounding yourself with the right people can make a big difference.

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