How to get your ex back

Alexa Johnson

It’s one of the most debated questions of all time. No, it doesn’t involve a Presidential scandal or how to eat a cookie! It’s can you ever really get back together with an ex?

For those of us left with our hearts broken after a devastating breakup, we dream of the day our exes will miraculously call and tell us, “I was wrong, you’re the love of my life! How could I have been so blind!?” (Or something like that…) Anything is possible – so is getting back together with your ex?

If you’re considering calling up your ex again, or if your ex has called you begging for forgiveness, ask yourself this: is it really a good idea? If you broke up because of a hard to get over circumstance (for example, someone lied, cheated or abused), why is this time around going to be any different?

They say you can’t change a person, but you can tweak ‘em. Unless you think you or your partner can truly commit to changing, getting back together might not be the best thing. Remember, trust is the foundation for any strong relationship. If the trust is broken, the whole relationship is.

Another thing to consider – do you want your ex back just to see if you could get your ex back? If you truly want them back, you must be thinking with both your head and your heart. Having this person in your life must enhance it. Getting this person back and then still feeling “unfulfilled” because the whole drama of winning them has passed and now you’re just living life again is not good. See how many things you really have to think through before trying to get your ex back?!

But wait ¬– did you break up because of something like you were both graduating and moving to different locations? Was the breakup impulsive rather than really thought through? If this is the case – and a lot of time has passed where you both have done some self-reflecting and know it deep down in your gut this is the right thing – then I say go for it!

In the end, getting back together with you ex is completely possible. It’s just up to YOU.

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