Can you trust your boyfriend at college?


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Chances are, if you’re going to college in the fall, your boyfriend will be too. But what if you’re not attending the same college? With all the scary fresher’s week stories, it’s understandable that you could be concerned about your boyfriend straying.

So what can you do? Here are some important things to think about:

Trust is a two-way thing – he’s probably just as bothered by cheating as you are. It’s up to him to trust you as well. Would you be tempted to cheat? If the answer is no, make sure that he understands that you want to be exclusive.

Talk it out – before either of you leave for college, make sure he knows how you feel. If he doesn’t seem bothered by your feelings, now is the time to decide whether to take things any further. College is a chance for a fresh start – if he’s not worth keeping, leave it.

Keep in touch – how do you plan on staying in touch whilst studying? Long distance relationships can be tough. If you’re serious about being together, you both need to make an effort. Text every day. But even better, try to Skype or call as much as you can. Trust me – hearing each other’s voices will be so much better. Just try not to be clingy, as that could steer him away.

Ask yourself: how likely is he to actually cheat? – you could be worrying for nothing. Has he done anything in the past that makes you think he could be a cheater? If so, college might be the opportunity he’s been searching for to stray. In that case, he’s not worth it anyway – and college is the perfect opportunity to meet somebody new.

Remember college is a milestone – you’re becoming an adult and improving your career prospects. Whether you come out of college with this boyfriend or not, you’ll still be in a better position. Look forward to your new life!

See how it goes – sometimes the best way to tackle things is to see them out. Once you’ve started college, you’ll sense whether the relationship is worth sticking with.

Good luck and let me know how you plan on staying in touch with your boyfriend at college, in the comments below. My boyfriend goes to college in September, so I’ll keep you posted

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