Private investigator career

Given the positive industry outlook which studies have on the private investigative services industry, students should not have too many issues finding a job following graduation from a PI school.

Depending on the program you are enrolled in, you may have the opportunity to apply for a practicum or internship while still at school. Or, you may be able to acquire a position as an entry level PI through networking with local agencies and businesses.

According to one school website1, graduates can earn $20 to $40 per hour at PI agencies while fulfilling local state’s apprenticeship requirements. Following the completion of the apprenticeship, graduates can have the option of starting their own agency or working within a firm. The current market rate according to the website is $75 – $125 an hour.

There are over 150,000 private investigation agencies across the U.S.2. In addition, PI graduates may have the opportunity to work as an in-house investigator at large law firms, insurance companies and even information brokerages. Depending on your interest and personality, you may find working in an agency more appealing than an in-house resource within a large company. PIs who work in an agency tend to have greater exposure to a variety of clients and cases, and those who work in a company as an in-house resource tend to specialize in a certain area of investigation.

What type of work can a PI graduate expect to find following graduation? Below are just some of the job categories which require the assistance of a PI:

• Businesses/Corporations
• Litigation
• Insurance
• Domestic Family
• Research
• Background Checks
• Computer Forensics

If you are interested in a career in this field, there are some great career prospects. In order to increase the chances of getting the job you want, you should seek out opportunities where you can connect with industry professionals and recruiters, as most positions are not posted, but are obtained by referrals. Students should look into joining a professional association to increase their profile in the industry during their post-secondary education as a PI student. For more information on professional associations, students should check out the websites of their local associations for PIs.

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