Cabinet maker job description

As you may have seen on home renovation shows, more and more people are doing home renovations to upgrade their home or to flip an investment. The kitchen and bathrooms are two places within a home which can add the most value to a property. As a result, there is an increase in demand for quality cabinetry.
There are a small number of cabinet makers who not only enjoy working with their hands, but they also appreciate the design that goes behind the finished products. As a result, they may be involved in the design phase of the cabinets. While most of the cabinets are designed for mass consumption, there is a small percentage of custom cabinetry which these cabinet makers are interested in creating.
On the other hand, most cabinet makers end up working for a major cabinet manufacturer. Depending on production schedules, their jobs may require shift work. A lot of the times, the design has already been finalized and the cabinet makers are required to cut the required parts to size and assemble them to fulfill shipping orders.
Furthermore, because cabinet makers are also woodworkers, they may use their skills in other trades such as furniture making as well as wood artistry. Furniture making is also a field that is rising in demand as a result of increasing emphasis on interior design and people are turning to wood products as part of the trend to simply the overall look of a home. From chairs, to dining sets to bedroom furniture, cabinet makers have the opportunity to work for a mass manufacturer or for a high end custom furniture store. Or they may be producing furniture as a hobby.
On the flip side, some of the cabinet makers who are into the artistic side of wood working may be a wood artist or a carver whether it is a spare time hobby or a second career. These professions mostly involve the use of hand tools and while they may be different in nature compared to a career in cabinet making, they are not required to enroll in further training in order to divert their careers to this direction.
In conclusion, a career as a cabinet maker provides the fundamental skills which can be applied to other areas of woodworking. This is a trade that is currently promoted at the state government level, to encourage students who are not academically inclined to pursue a career that they enjoy but also to promote the forestry products industry as well. For more information on the colleges which offer programs in cabinet making or woodworking or to learn more about the different fields which can leverage the skills gained from a cabinet making program, please contact your career counselor or your local community college which offers a course in this area.

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