Advertising Sales Agent

What is an advertising sales agent? An advertising sales agent must sell and secure ad sales for different publications such as magazines, newspapers, websites, television, and radio. They can also be known as account executives or advertising sales representatives.
What is the work environment like for an advertising sales agent? Advertising sales agents often work under pressure. There are many that have quotas to fulfill and will be pressed to fill them in a certain amount of time.
What skills or personality should you have as an advertising sales agent? Successful advertising sales agents must have an outgoing personality and be comfortable interacting with people in different social settings. There will be times an agent will have to cold call potential clients to try and reach their quota and sell ad sales. It is also important to have a neat and presentable appearance since making a good impression can make or break a sale.
The interpersonal skills of an agent are important as well. Since they want to keep clients, they will have to build solid, professional relationships with the clients and make sure they are satisfied. If the client is not happy, then the agent must do what they can to understand the needs of the client and devise ways to satisfy or quell those concerns. Being personable is also a great asset to have as an advertising sales agent. The agent shouldn’t seem pushy but needs to be persuasive enough to sell ads to their clients. Those with charisma, charm, but knowledge about what they are selling can be very successful as an advertising sales agent.
What are the education requirements for an advertising sales agent? According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who are interested in this career are only required to have a high school degree. However, employers do prefer that potential employees (especially those applying for higher paying positions) have a college degree in sales or business. Employers prefer that potential employees have a college degree since they will have taken courses in certain subjects such as marketing, communication, and advertising.
How do you advance in this career? Those who know how to produce numbers and display excellent communication and leadership skills are ideal candidates for promotions. Employers who see that the agent can work independently and can execute many responsibilities in a professional and timely manner may advance more easily than those who do not.

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