Avionics technician job description

Are you interested and fascinated with the science involving aircrafts? Perhaps you should take the time to consider a career as an avionics technician. An avionics technician is a professional who performs repairs and also scheduled maintenance on aircrafts. Below you will find out what you need to know if you wish to pursue a career in this field.
What are the education requirements to become an avionics technician? Besides having an interested in aircrafts, you must also have an interest in computer technology, mathematics, electronic science, and physics. Being skilled in these subjects is highly beneficial for this field of work. It is also important that you enroll and graduate from a technical or vocational school that offers the appropriate programs for avionics. Some schools can be two years, while some can be four. It is extremely important that the school you are interested in attending be accredited by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
Besides completing the coursework for your certification, you also need to complete a certain amount of hours to graduate. In these hours you will have hands on experience and will learn how to properly use and also manipulate the equipment found in different types of aircrafts. Once you graduate, you will also need to pass the exams required to obtain your certification or license. Once you receive your license you will be required to complete additional training in order to keep your license. Aircraft technology is always evolving so it’s important that an avionic technician understands and knows the new technology being developed.
What is a day like as an avionics technician? Avionics technicians usually spend their days in hangars, repair stations, or on airfields. Many work full-time and it is usually common for them to work on the weekend of overtime to meet certain obligations and deadlines. Since there are certain flight schedules, an avionics technician must meet certain deadlines in order to maintain flight schedules. It is also important for an avionics technician to be in some sort of fit shape since they will bend, kneel, or climb to reach certain areas of the aircraft.
Should you pursue a career as an avionics technician? Not everyone is suited for this career. If you are passionate about aircrafts and love maintaining the integrity of an aircraft, then this is an ideal occupation for you. If you can and are willing to go through the many hours needed to acquire an avionics license then you will be successful in this career.
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