Landscaper career

So what does a landscaper do exactly? Landscapers are professionals who have the magical green thumb who make a living working on yards and gardens. They create new landscapes outdoors with a creative and visual mind. While many believe landscapers and groundkeepers are the same, the two are not. Groundkeepers will take the time to maintain the landscape that the landscaper has created. Therefore you should not use the terms interchangeably because they are not the same.
What are the educational requirements for a landscaper? Those interested in a career in landscaping do not need a college degree for this profession. Usually a high school diploma is satisfactory to begin your journey. There are some employers that will want landscapers to be certified and licensed since they will be handling chemicals such as pesticides or certain dangerous tools. These certifications or licenses can be obtained through the completion of courses in certain trade or vocational schools. It can be ideal to go to a vocational school since you will get extensive knowledge in certain subjects such as horticulture, math, and science. This knowledge along with work experience may make you an ideal candidate for certain companies. Some employers also prefer that potential employees have some sort of hands on experience so an apprenticeship is ideal.
What are the responsibilities of a landscaper? A landscaper is in charge of creating a certain aesthetic to a yard. This means they will create and design a plan to fit the specific client’s desires. They will do certain tasks such as raking, trimming, planting, digging, and other gardening responsibilities. Since landscapers do work outside for the majority of the time, those who are not fond of the outdoors or prone to allergies may want to avoid this career. It is also stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that landscapers do have a higher rate of injury than an average occupation do to the responsibilities and duties they have. Factors such as weather, handling dangerous tools, and working with chemicals can all be health risk factors.
Should you pursue a career in landscaping? Landscaping is a job that isn’t suited for everyone. However, if you have a gift with plants and have been told you have a “green thumb” this may be a great occupation for you. Having a passion for the outdoors, a creative mind, and also yard work are also important factors to consider as well.

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