Careers at Admitopia


Send your resume to [email protected] The name of the positon that you are applying for should be in the subject of the email.


Journalism Internship– Admitopia is an education company that provides advice on careers, college life, and enables high school students to publish a profile of themselves to be noticed by admissions officers. .This position would be ideal for a public relations, journalism, mass communications, communications major. You do not have to have any prior writing experience. You would be writing articles, blog posts, guides on topics that will be beneficial for high school students or college students. You would also get to propose topics that you would be interested in writing about for our audience. Your name will be published with each post that you have provided.


Social medial intern–You would be creating content that would be published to our Twitter,Google+, and Facebook pages. In addition you would have the option of creating videos for our YouTube channel. The content that you would be creating would be relating to providing advice for college students. You are looking to come up with tips and strategies on how to improve the life of a college student. You would learn how to update our content management system with new posts that you would be creating on our WordPress site.


Digital marketing internship–The visitors who come to Admitopia are either current college students or high school students who are considering attending college in the fall. Some of the tasks will include SEO copy-writing, video marketing, blog posting, keyword research, and updating our content calendar. You should be familiar with various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You will be provided with guidance for all projects that you are given. No prior experience in online marketing is required. This internship would be over the summer months.