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How to get a job acting


Going to classes, learning a craft and rehearsing in a safe environment is all well and good for acting school but eventually you will want to get a job. Students graduate and move on but the connection students make in

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ACTING SCHOOLS: He’s an Imposter!

Acting schools

Do you realize the guy sitting next to in Acting School is an imposter? No, he’s not a spy or out to “steal” your material. He may be someone as benign as a businessman. It is suggested that people who

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ACTING SCHOOLS: Acting in the Golden Years

Career development

If you are a lifelong learner, Acting School may just fit the bill for something creative, exciting and different. In all productions whether television, stage or film and in all stories, characters of all ages are needed and represented. Acting

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ACTING SCHOOLS: Side Effects of Acting

Career advice

Becoming the next Meryl Streep with Academy Awards and industry accolades, a star on your dressing room and financial success are huge potential benefits of acting school. Maybe acting schools should come with a warning: BEWARE OF SIDE EFFECTS. Beyond

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ACTING SCHOOLS: The Language of Acting


When you show up on your first big movie set make sure you know the language. “Back to one”, “holding”, “background”, are all terms you will hear on a movie set, television studio or theatre stage. Don’t let these be

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Tips for a good headshot


Some people think it’s easy to take a beautiful headshot. That’s not always the case. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to creating a great headshot to represent you in your modeling profession. Initially a

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Acting headshot tips

Headshot advice

As an actor, it’s imperative to have a great headshot. For those who are just starting in this business, you may be wondering what a headshot it. A headshot is an up close photograph of your face. You usually hand

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Actress courses

  If you only earn a certificate in acting, you will probably only take “core curriculum” classes directly related to acting. But if you enroll in a higher degree program you might also take “general education” classes as well as

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What skills do you need to become an actor

Skills required for an actor

  Acting is a very difficult job that is wrought with competition and rejection. In order to be a successful actress you should do your best to maximize your creativity as well as your ability to memorize lines. And you

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What qualifications do you need to become an actor

Qualities of Successful Actresses

  There are many different skills and qualities that help contribute to the success of someone in the entertainment industry. These include physical stamina and fitness, reading and analysis skills, and speaking skills. Physical Stamina and Fitness Although it may

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