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Fashion industry internships

fashion industry

    Learning the basics of the fashion industry is extremely necessary for success in the business.  However, putting what you have learned into practice is invaluable when it comes to truly succeeding in fashion studies.  For this reason, most

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Degree in Fashion Design

Fashion Design

  For those individuals looking to get into the fashion industry but do not want to take the several years necessary to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and higher, an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Fashion Design is one way

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Design from start to finish

fashion design

  It all starts with an idea.  Taking that idea from just a concept to an actual product is what the fashion design process is all about.  It is what drives so many students to pursue a career in fashion

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Masters in fine arts

fine arts

  For those students who want to take their career to the highest level possible, pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Fashion is the right direction for them.  A Masters in Fine Arts can be earned in a variety

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Fashion design careers

Fashion design involves a whole myriad of elements – clothing, accessories, footwear, and more. When entering the fashion industry, one does not have to specialize solely in one area and can work in all fields, or one can specialize in

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What does a fashion designer do

fashion designer?

The fashion industry appeals to so many because of the glamour and glitz that is often associated with it, but that is not really what drives people to become a fashion designer? The field is one that is quickly growing

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Fashion styling tips

fashion merchandising management

  Design is more than just colors and patterns on product.  An element of styling goes behind every piece of product produced.  It is what is called “Fashion Styling,” which is another concentration offered through many online and on-campus fashion

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What is knitwear design


Two different focuses exist on the fabric used in fashion design: knitwear design and textile design. Knitwear is all about the creation of original fabric designs. Knitwear teaches students the skills and construction techniques in order to produce quality knitwear

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Fashion journalist

fashion journalism

Writing about fashion is a sought-out opportunity as much as creating fashion. Many have dreams of writing for Vogue or In Style, and getting a degree in fashion journalism is a step in that direction. Students can earn several different

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