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Careers in fashion merchandising management

fashion merchandising management

Fashion is more than just designs and edgy clothing.  It is a fast-paced and million dollar industry, growing more every day.  That’s why so many have chosen to pursue fashion as a career post-secondary education.  While some find themselves drawn

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Fashion business

  For aspiring fashion students looking to enter an exciting career in the fashion industry after mastering the basic practices that make up the industry, a certificate in fashion business is the path for you.  A certificate in fashion business

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It is all about the merchandising


Fashion is ultimately a business, and for many, the business end is exactly what draws them to the fashion industry. Behind this business side is merchandising, which includes all functions needed to run a successfully operation that develops, promotes and

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Fashion marketing careers

fashion marketing?

  Fashion is one of the more exciting and challenging careers in today’s marketing.  That is why so many students are looking for online programs to earn certificates, Associate’s Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees or Master’s Degrees in the study of fashion. 

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