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Film festival tips

Acting schools

  Learning filmmaking will only get you so far.  Putting your knowledge into action and creating an actual product is the true demonstration of mastering the craft.  Film festivals offer students the opportunity to showcase their work in front of

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Basic understand of film terms


    While students will learn the common terms used in the film industry, walking into the classroom with an already basic understanding of the standard terms used in the industry can go a long way.  Many online schools offer

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Should I go to film school

  Pursuing a higher degree is a big decision. It takes a lot of time, effort and, of course, money. It is an investment, like anything else, and when making any decision of this magnitude, you may find yourself asking:

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Deciding upon an online program

online program

  So many options exist out there for a prospective film student in terms of film studies institutes, online and on-campus.  For those students who wish to obtain a certificate or degree online, these options go even further, as they

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Attending film camp


For those teenagers who want to explore a career in filmmaking with serious ambitions of going to college for film studies, they are heavily encouraged to attend a film camp through a well-known film school in the nation. Camps can

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Digital media studies


    Film studies can break off into so many genres and aspects, especially in the height of the digital era.  Nearly every product in the film industry is produced and edited digitally.  This requires more than just knowledge and

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Film and media studies minor


  Film studies as a discipline can be versatile in that it goes with so many different subjects.  Film studies can be combined with journalism, political science, law, and business, offering students a multitude of opportunities in the career field. 

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Film studies and media practice


  Media practice combines both design and production, both which are essential elements to completing a successful film project.  It is a subject for the student who wants to be involved in the film process from start to finish, from

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Film studies classes

film camp

  Most individuals who have that passion for the filmmaking industry do not develop this overnight.  Many begin their journey into the world of film during secondary education, taking classes while still in high school.   For these enthusiastic learners, various

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Bachelor’s of Arts in Screenwriting


    Screenwriting is traditionally offered either as a course throughout the film studies curriculum or also as a certificate program one can take in addition to the regular film studies program.  However, many passionate writers interested in film want

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