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Florist job description sample

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If you are thinking about becoming a floral designer, ask yourself if you have the necessary skills, some of which are listed below. The good news is that if you are not naturally artistic, creative, organized, or good with customers,

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Other Majors Related to Floral Design


If you have thought about majoring in floral design in school, you likely have some interest in plants, flowers, gardening, and agriculture. There are a lot of other majors out there at the certificate, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree level that

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Other Jobs that are like Floral Design


  Many floral designers have gone into the field because they love both design and agriculture. There are a lot of other occupations that include one or both of these elements, such as fashion design, graphic design, and farming. Fashion

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Jobs Similar to Being a Florist


  If you are attracted to the idea of being a florist, you would probably enjoy a number of different artistic professions, such as crafting or interior designing. You might also be interested in careers that have to do with

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Floral Design School


  There are a lot of different types of classes you could take in floral design school, depending on what institution you attend and what type of degree you are seeking. Below are some examples of classes that you could

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Floral design career information


  There’s a lot to think about when considering becoming a floral designer that goes beyond where to go to school. For example, in order to maximize your income, you should focus your job search on certain industries and strive

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Floral design online courses


Sometimes it is hard to know before you start studying something if it is really what you want to do as a career. Of course, you don’t want to waste money by taking a long list of classes in different

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