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Become a jewelry maker


  Wondering if you should be a jeweler? If so, start thinking about if you would enjoy fulfilling these responsibilities, if you are interested in any of the listed professions, and if you could accommodate the necessary work schedule. Job

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Jeweler School

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You will take a lot of different classes in jeweler school, although the exact number is dictated by the degree you are seeking and the type of program in which you enroll. You might take general studies classes (such as

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Career in jewelry design


  If you are considering becoming a jeweler, you might be wondering how you can maximize your chances of finding a job and/or your income. Although a number of factors affect your work, the industry in which you are employed

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Jewelry education programs

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Jewelry design, fabrication, and repair is a complicated profession that involves a lot of technical knowledge and expertise. For that reason, some schools separate classes into different programs that specialize in a specific subset of the industry. There are a

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Jeweler education


  The exact classes you will take in jewelry school vary depending on what institution you attend and in what type of program you enroll, so the examples below are meant to be just that – examples. However, if you

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Jeweler education


  There is a long list of potential classes you could take in jewelry school. The exact classes you will be offered and the ones you should choose to take will depend on the type of degree you are seeking,

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Career in jewelry industry


  There are a number of benefits to becoming a jeweler. Of course, first and foremost will be the ability to express yourself artistically and see your designs come to life. If you are a naturally artistic and creative person,

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