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Just graduated beauty school


Whether you just made the decision to go to school or graduation is imminent, chances are you’ve looked into the future once or twice and fantasized about what you’ll be doing this time next year. Will you be a freelance

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Cosmetology classes


Beauty school is a type of vocational or “trade” school. This means that your learning centers specifically on a type of skill, like cosmetology or hairdressing, and prepares you for a career in a specific industry. This is in contrast

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Cosmetologist jobs


There are a lot of good reasons to go into a particular career field. People who have the highest job satisfaction tend to see their job as a “calling,” something they were naturally drawn to and feel born to do.

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Cosmetologist employment


One of the perks of going to beauty school is that, in many cases, you will be qualified to take multiple licensing exams. At some schools you’ll take classes in all different fields so that you can take exams in

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