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Massage therapy jobs

massage therapy school

  Massage therapists work in a variety of settings—public, private, their own homes, traveling offices, and more. In 2012, almost half of massage therapists were self-employed, so this is a great career for self-starters who want to own and run

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Massage therapy specialties


  You might not realize it now, but massage therapy is a huge and varied field! Massage has been practiced for millennia in the medical traditions of many countries around the world. Today, people turn to massage therapy as a

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Types of massage therapy degrees


Students and practitioners of massage therapy have many choices of specializations. The previous post briefly explained the four most common types of massage therapy as recognized by the American Massage Therapy Association: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and

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Different types of massage therapy jobs


  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its new employment forecasts, and for massage therapists, the news is all good. From now through 2022, this field of employment is expected to increase 23 percent, with about 30,000 more

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Education requirements for massage therapists


  Massage therapists work in a variety of environments and provide a variety of services. Some therapists specialize in Eastern forms of massage; some in Western forms. Some types of massage are purely for relaxation, but most are specifically intended

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Massage therapy school

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  According to the American Massage Therapy Association, “there is no such thing as a standard massage therapy practice.” There are a variety of reasons for this—the two most influential are that massage therapists work in many different environments and

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Massage therapy college


  The previous post examined four main factors to consider when selecting a massage therapy school: accreditation, state regulations, curriculum, and opportunities for hands-on practice. These are an excellent start and they can help you narrow down your options to

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Massage therapy programs


  Massage therapy is different from many other careers because the training requirements vary so much between states. A degree is not required to become a massage therapist, though most states do require massage therapists to have a certain amount

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Top 5 tips for succeeding in massage therapy school


  So, you’ve decided to enroll in massage therapy school. Congratulations! You are taking your first step toward a new career in a fast-growing field. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be easy—it will be challenging, but

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What can you do with a massage therapy degree

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  Regardless of the type of massage school you choose (community college, vocational school, etc.) and the type of massage you study, the basic curriculum will likely be the same. In general, massage therapy curriculum can be divided into four

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