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Accountant skills required


Accountants are people who invest in a career where they analyze financial information and maintain records of all the financial information for an organization and business. This is a career that will take a lot of training and a considerable

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Accounting associate degree


    Going for a four-year degree can often be unrealistic for many individuals.  The time and money required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree is overwhelming, and for students who simply do not have the financial resources or time availability

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Business accounting technology


    Accounting spans across many industries: state and local government, private business, non-profit, and more.  All businesses utilize some type of bookkeeping and payroll services, employing a large number of accountants either in-house or on a contract basis. What

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Accounting and Financial Management

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  An education in accounting is just one door opening to an exciting career in business, but financial management and accounting can open that door even wider to a vast variety of opportunities for success. The beauty of adding financial

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What courses are required for accounting major


  In order to earn an accounting degree, you will need to take more than just basic accounting courses.  Most Bachelors’ programs for accounting majors require a list of prerequisite courses in order to achieve your degree.  For that reason,

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Studying accounting at university

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    A Bachelor’s in Accounting can take you a long way when searching for a career and not just a job.  Accounting can lead you to a variety of fields including tax accounting, auditing, financial accounting, and government accountant. 

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The Appeal of Online Learning


The conventional on-campus learning environment is not for everyone. Reasons range from affordability to inability to commit to a full-time schedule away from home. Regardless of what your reason may be, online learning could be the alternative that is just

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Accounting career information


Another of the fields of Accounting and Bookkeeping positions is concerned with the labor industry. These people are involved in all aspects of the compensation and benefits that a company offers its employees. Median income for these folks is around

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Appraisers and assessors of real estate


Are you interested in Real Estate? If you are, another possible career that would be available for one who has an accounting degree is in the Real Estate Industry. People will always be buying and selling houses, so there will

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Accounting Career-Tax Examiner/Collector, Revenue Agent


  It’s amazing how many different jobs are available to you with an accounting degree.  Another position involves dealing with taxes.  There are several different areas of focus in this type of job.  The median income for Tax agents is

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