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ACTUARIES Work Environment


  High salaries are not the only thing desired by college grads.  Most people want a compatible work environment for their lifelong career choice.  After all, many hours will be spent at your job so having a choice and a

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Actuary job description


Not many people think of becoming an actuary when they are nine-years old and dreaming of their future. If you are planning a career and your study has expanded to perhaps a related field; becoming an actuary may fall into

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Types of Actuaries


  Predicting the future is not just for carnival acts or magic shows.  Predicting the future is what actuaries do every day.  No hocus pocus is necessary, they use numbers, statistics and piles of data that are fed into a

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Actuarial science salary

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  Becoming an actuary is a commitment to becoming excellent in your mathematics and logic skills. This commitment will pay off with good salaries available in this career path. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports the median pay for

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How to become an actuary


Are you looking for a career with high salaries, job security and endless opportunities? Despite feeling a bit geeky being an actuary fulfills all these requirements of a job search. More than a desire for good pay, you will need

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Pros and cons of being an actuary


  As you look at any potential career field it is always wise to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of any career to pursue.  If you have the skills and abilities to be an actuary the next step is to

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Job prospects for actuaries


Becoming an actuary means making a commitment to learning, extra studies and extra years of schooling. If you embark on these extra years of schooling you want to make sure you will be able to get a job. The job

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Actuary certifications


  Are you on the geeky side?  Good news, if you have an affinity for mathematics and statistical data then a rewarding career awaits you as an actuary. This is a challenging career. Becoming an actuary requires taking and passing

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What are actuarial services


  Many actuaries are needed in the insurance business.  Using statistical data, the actuary can help insurance companies plan what policies to offer and for what cost to the consumer.  Actuaries are a valuable asset to insurance companies because so

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