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Entrepreneur case study


Before an entrepreneur goes into business for the first or the twentieth time, first looking at how others succeed or fail will help before you sink or swim. Whether an entrepreneur wants to start a company or if a student

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Entrepreneurs mistakes and failures


Face it, not all good ideas even with perseverance are going to work. In recent years the culture around entrepreneurship has become failure-friendly. Face it, the old adage is if you aren’t failing once in a while, you aren’t trying.

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Teen Entrepreneurs


Some of our greatest businesses in recent years have been started by people who can’t yet vote. Yes, teens create businesses and more often than not, they are successful. Maybe they got their first yearnings to be in business from

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Why Entrepreneurs Fail


We know that not all entrepreneurs are successful all the time. Try and try again and eventually some entrepreneurs make it. But what are the conditions for failure? Can they be predicted? You would think a good entrepreneur will do

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Women Entrepreneurs


One of the fastest growing areas of entrepreneurs is women. Here is perhaps a level playing field, as an entrepreneur, a woman does not have to wait or depend on a man to give her permission to start, grow or

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Benefits of a business degree

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Why get a business degree online? The bottom line is that it’s the most flexible way to put to move up in the company and make more money. The reality is that the median wage for all workers in 2012

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Online business degree

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When people talk about business many days they talk about the risks involved. Maybe it’s too risky to start your own business. Maybe you are just jittery and you want a sure thing for your nest egg. Maybe you had

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Online business degree- Rock stars in the board room

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When we were kids we heard stories of King Midas touching everything and having it turn to gold or Rumplestilskin weaving straw into gold. No matter what the story was there seemed like there was some magic trick to getting

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Online Business Degree- Flexible Schooling, Flexible Working

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Currently one of the greatest appeals to an online business degree is that a person can work it around their schedule. It is easier on complex family schedules or demanding jobs that make it difficult to break away to a

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