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FINANCE: Small Business Financing


Some careers in finance will take you to large investment companies. But some of you may be more inclined to the individual picture. Did you know you have an uncle who can help finance a small business? Uncle Sam, the

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Public Finance


Many a taxpayer would wish the government didn’t have a check book but they do. Paying for community services, utilities, facilities, government services and our roads and bridges all require money to keep operational. Public finance is a career choice.

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Personal Finance


Personal finance isn’t just digging the lost quarters out of the couch. While for some personal finance may be a moot point. You earn a paycheck, pay rent, buy groceries, and gas up the car and if anything is left

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Creative Financing

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Many people dream of opening a yogurt shop or their own custom car repairs? Some people want to take their golf hobby and turn it into a business. One thing in common is nearly every business needs cash to get

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Acquiring Funds


Do you need money? Most everyone can use extra bucks in business or personal finances. The term finance is used to describe money management. Finance is also used to describe the process of acquiring funds. For example to finance a

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