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Human Resources Skills


  Human Resources personnel are job seekers also.  Those people pouring over a candidate resume were once in the other chair having their resume scrutinized.  What skills does a good Human Resources person need? Of course one of the first

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Human resources job skills


  Hiring people is a big investment.  If you become a Human Resources specialist you will help the company make the best investment possible when they hire.  A company invests time, money, and energy into a new hire and they

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 Human Resources Knows More 


The resume that a job seeker diligently strives to make perfect may get him the interview, but Human Resources no longer relies on just the resume.  As a Human Resources professional, you have elements at your fingertips to take a

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HR in Small Business  


The first few years of a small business operation are critical and challenging.  Until early milestones are met, success looms in the shadows.  There are plenty of obstacles to overcome in the early years. If you want to use your

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HR Cautions   


  If you go into Human Resources be aware of the climate in many companies about this department.  At times HR has been accused of hiring prejudices.   Don’t be the one who only calls in the bold and the beautiful

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Human resources harassment


With a career in Human Resources you may be called in to deal with company harassment issues.  Certainly you will have classes addressing this hot topic.  If an unfortunate incident of harassment is reported, Human Resources will get involved. It

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Dress for success tips for job interviews


  Image is everything.  First impressions cannot be made a second time.  A company’s image is often defined by their employees.  As a Human Resources professional, you want a candidate for employment to be knowledgeable about the company.  It is

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