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Where Marketing Begins

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Hello! Anyone out there? Companies want to get our attention. The way they do that is through marketing. Companies have a need to interact with consumers. Ideally they want a positive relationship that is favorable for both parties. Before a

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Great elevator pitches


Marketing to a teenage will be different than marketing to a grandparent. Teens look to their peers for advice, for information and for buying guidance. If a marketer pushes too hard or if a marketer is overly aggressive it just

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Search Engine Marketing


The invention of the internet was for computers to share information. Of course it has now become so much more. And we knew commerce would have to get involved. All companies, families and individuals can have their own websites. Companies

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Marketing 101


At its very basic tenet, marketing requires gathering information from potential customers. Of course gathering this information requires some trust. So the first step is creating an environment where you can collect this information in an honest reciprocal environment. Clients

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Content Marketing


Yes, the technology age brought digital marketing but it also brought the means to avoid marketing. We can fast forward through commercials. We can stop pop up ads on computers. Traditional marketing has changed, left, returned and changed some more.

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Online marketing degree

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  Are you amused by clever commercials? Do you obsessively read billboards? Do you often find yourself whistling product jingles? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might want to consider a career in marketing. Here is

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