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What is a Public Relations Specialist


A public relations specialist is a professional who will work to maintain and at times create a positive public image for their client or employers. They are tasked with responsibilities such as writing material for media releases and communicate with

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Cope Under Pressure


  We cannot mince words, anyone interested in a Public Relations career needs the ability to cope under pressure.  PR roles can be definitely varied so the ability to organize workloads to bear under strict deadlines is imperative.  When dealing

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Communication Skills

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    Standing in front of a group is not everyone’s strong suit.  But if you often find yourself leading a discussion or presenting ideas to groups you already have some of the skills necessary for a career in Public

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Back from the Dead  


  Companies die.  They get in trouble.  They put out the wrong message and lose their patrons.  It is the goal of a Public Relations person to bring them back to life, get them on the right track and become

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All Things Media


  If you are going to jump head first into a Public Relations career we can hope that you are interested in all things media.  This broad area called ‘media’ embraces a wide gamut that has every pretense of getting

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Increase your earning potential with an online communications degree


  In 2012, graduates in communications saw their starting salary jump more than 4 percent, putting this degree in the top five for pay raises. But what is communications? What will you learn in a communications degree program? Is the

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Online degrees in organizational communication


  As a general field, communications has exploded in the past several years. Especially as more of our lives moves online, knowing how to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, is becoming an increasingly essential ingredient for success. In

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