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Hospitality education


  The hospitality industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. This multibillion dollar industry is incredibly diverse. It includes not only the basic hotel and restaurant businesses, but also all other types of vacation

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Hospitality management education

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  According to the United States Department of Labor, hospitality is a “high growth industry.” This is not only because the size of the field is growing, but also because the industry is becoming more diverse. In the past, the

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School hospitality management


  In the previous post, we looked at two of the major types of diplomas and certificates available in the hospitality industry: hospitality management credentials and restaurant and food service certificates. In this post, we’ll explore some more popular areas

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Hospitality management majors


  In the last two posts, we looked at some of the standard credentials offered by hospitality schools: diplomas and certificates in management and in various areas of food service. But today the hospitality industry extends beyond the walls of

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Why work in hospitality


  Whether you are contemplating a career change or are already working in the hospitality industry, earning a formal credential can greatly improve your career. Here are our top six reasons to go to hospitality school: Get a better job

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Hospitality jobs

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  The job opportunities in the hospitality industry are exploding, with some areas expecting growth of more than 40 percent over the next few years. That is much faster than almost any other industry! Many of these positions are also

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Hospitality career


  In the last post, we looked at four great jobs for hospitality school graduates: lodging managers, food service managers, head chefs and cooks, and meeting, convention, and event planners. In this post, we’ll explore some more, and more unique,

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How to pick a hospitality school


  Hospitality programs around the country are expanding and with more schools moving online, the number of programs available is practically infinite. For students looking for the right school, the choices may seem overwhelming. How do you know which one

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How much does hospitality school cost?


  Going to school, either for the first time or to facilitate a career change, is one of the best decisions you will ever make. It can help you find your passion, connect with like-minded people, and of course significantly

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Hospitality management degree online


  Diplomas and certificates in hospitality management are the most common credentials awarded by hospitality schools. So, what are these programs all about? What is hospitality management? Hospitality management is the field that encompasses management of the entire hospitality industry.

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