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Being a travel agent pros and cons


Do you like the travel industry but not sure if you are interested in becoming a travel agent? Here are some of the pros and cons for this profession: Pros: 1. Most of the training is done on the job.

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Jobs travel agent


Believe it or not, there is more to a travel agent than booking flights and hotel reservations. There are tangible skills gained from this position that can be transferred to a number of different professions. • Product knowledge: Travel agents

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Pursuing a career as a travel agent

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Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you enjoy working with people? Do you take the time to recommend products to your friends and family based on their interests? If so, you may want to consider a career as a travel

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How to start a career as a travel agent


When it comes to trip planning, some people are just not good at it. That’s why they hire a travel agent to do everything for them. It takes away the stress of planning their vacation out and can ensure a

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Career as travel agent


Travel agents are personable people who will plan out your trip and all of its accommodations for their client. They take the hassle out of planning and organizing a vacation for a price. If you enjoy planning, organizing, and interacting

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