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Criminal justice degree school


  Education is an investment—of both time and money—and it is important that the investment you make will help you reach your goals for your future. If you have been looking into criminal justice schools, you have probably noticed that

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Criminal justice degree online

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  Over the past few years, the Internet has revolutionized education, and today almost any program you can take in person, you can also take online. This includes criminal justice. In fact, criminal justice is one of the most popular

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Criminal justice major


  As someone who has been considering enrolling in a criminal justice school, you have probably run across the term criminology. Some schools offer programs in criminal justice, some offer programs in criminology, and many offer programs in the two

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Criminal justice degrees

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  Criminal justice is a broad field, covering everything from the crime scene investigation to the justice and criminal systems, to the legal system as a whole. Because there are so many different levels in this field, there are several

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Criminal justice degree cost

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  Going back to school can be expensive, and even though earning a certificate or degree will greatly increase your lifetime earning potential, for many people the upfront expenses can be daunting. But, there are a lot of programs available

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Criminal justice jobs


  Criminal justice is one of the hottest fields right now, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects faster than average job growth in both the public and private sectors over the next few years. Over a couple of

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Criminal justice degree jobs


The previous post profiled the jobs of police officers, probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, and detectives and investigators. In this article, we’ll look at a few more top jobs for criminal justice school graduates. Correctional Officers Correctional officers work

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Criminal justice graduate program

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  In the previous two articles, we profiled six of the most common jobs in criminal justice. This article will round out the list of top careers in the field by examining some of the top jobs you might not

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School for criminal justice


Criminal justice is a broad, exciting field that attracts a range of students from those interested in working in corrections (i.e., jails and prisons) to those who may someday want to pursue law degrees. The educational requirements for criminal justice

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Trade school for criminal justice


  Depending on the type of criminal justice school and program you enter, you may have the opportunity to select one or more specialized courses of study. Here are some of the top specializations available in criminal justice programs. Corrections

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