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Becoming a paralegal

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  If you are considering taking the leap into paralegal studies, it is likely you desire the satisfaction that can only come out of having a career rather than merely a job.  The difference between the two, a job and

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Paralegal job description


Paralegals are given a lot of responsibility in drafting important legal documents for their employers, ranging from legal pleadings to contracts. Normally, these documents come from a more standard form, but sometimes they also require free thought and creation when

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How to paralegal


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between the years 2008 and 2018, a 28 percent rise was experienced in the demand for quality paralegal services. The demand is high for quality paralegals, and in order to meet that need,

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Paralegal job interview


    You have completed your studies.  Now you have your first job interview.  Are you ready?  The art of interviewing is not as complicated as one would think.  With just a few tips, you will walk into your interview

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Difference between legal secretary and paralegal


    The terms paralegal and legal secretary are used interchangeably, but they are separate and essential roles in a legal setting.  The two are not the same.  Duties overlap between the two, but the positions are far from equal.

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Paralegal studies

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  Being successful in your studies does not necessarily come naturely.  It takes hard work, a plan, and motivation on the part of the student.  Making the active choice to continue your education is only the beginning.  Putting in the

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Paralegal job skills


  A desire to help others and interest in the law is not the only thing that will make you a truly exceptional paralegal.  It takes a lot of hard work to succeed, but it also takes a set of

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Paralegal degrees


  Paralegal degrees and certificates can open up doors to many different occupations, two of the biggest options being private law firm work or governmental department work.  Both have benefits, and both have their less desirable aspects.  Ultimately it is

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What does paralegal mean


  They say three things never go away – death, divorce and taxes. Pretty much any legal matter could fall under that category, and because of this, attorneys are constantly in need of help completing procedural work in their cases.

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Family law


In the legal field, specifically in a smaller community or in general practice, family law is a big area of practice and family law paralegals are in high demand. Divorces and custody cases are the bread and butter of most

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