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Online psychological assessment


Creating an online psychological assessment can be challenging, at the least, but it is possible and I have faith that with instructions from this article you will be a whiz at developing these type of assessments in no time at

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Psychological evaluation report template


Approximately 25% of adults suffer from a psychological disorder or mental illness (National Alliance of Mental Health, 2014). Although some disorders and illnesses, only mildly affect an individual’s life, others may significantly impair someone’s ability to function. Therapy (i.e. counseling,

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Questions asked during a psychological evaluation


Your first question may be “why would someone need a psychological evaluation?” Well, there are many reasons why a person would need to submit to a psychological evaluation, for example, if a person becomes uncontrollable and presents a danger to

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Psychology book summaries

So you have a major test coming up in a few weeks and although you have been a good student, it is still a lot of information to remember during your psych test. What do you do? Well, the best

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Jobs with english and psychology degree

Psychology plays a role in almost every industry. How is that? Well, basic psychology skills like reasoning, analyzation, observation, problem-solving skills, coping skills and communication skills are great assets to behold in any field, regardless of whether you are researcher

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Psychology of employees

You may not realize it, but you can actually use your psychology skills in the workplace, especially if you are team lead, supervisor or manager. How is that? Well, when you analyze the motivations of your employees and/or explore their

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Classroom activities for psychology students

The field of psychology can be both enlightening and entertaining. Psychology can be especially fun for psychology students. How? Well, psychology is a field that utilizes hands-on activities like role play, psychological tests (personality, relationship, self-awareness, etc.) and psychological games.

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What Are the Goals of Psychology

Psychology is the study of the human body and mind. In other words, it focuses on how people think and behave in various situations. Psychology, originally developed in the 1900s, has advanced past its original concepts to include a variety

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What is psychological testing and assessment

Psychology is the study of human thought processes and behaviors. A mental health professional (psychologist or psychotherapist) uses a variety of methods, techniques and approaches to assess and diagnose psychological disorders, mental illnesses and emotional distress. One of the most

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How to write a research paper for psychology class

So, your college professor is requiring you to write a psychology paper on a specified topic and you have no idea how to write it – what do you do? You come here of course!! Yes, it is time to

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