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AIR FORCE: Crew Chief


  There are only two names on every Air Force Jet Fighter.  The names are the pilot’s and then the person who makes sure the plane is ready to fly at a moment’s notice. This person is the Crew Chief. 

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AIR FORCE: Thunderbirds


Have you heard of the Thunderbirds? They are the demonstration squadron of the US Air Force. Their purpose, of sorts, is to promote the skills, abilities and precision of America’s air power. One of the reasons for this promotional operation

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Joining the Air Force


  If you decide to join the Air Force you may wonder, how someone actually does this.  Before you join there are a few requirements, not everyone is able to join this branch of the military. First, the Air Force

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AIR FORCE: Humanitarian

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  If you join the Air Force you will be called upon to do many feats.  Not all of these duties will be in warfare. The resources of the Air Force are also used to help mankind in humanitarian crisis. 

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