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Women in the Navy


  Are Women in the Navy?  Of course they are. Women join the Navy for some of the same reasons that men do.  The Navy can be exciting, rewarding and challenging.  And to a woman in can be empowering because

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What does the Navy Do


There is an old adage that the strength of any nation is dependent in part by the might of its Navy. And that is still true today. You might think with the advances in airplanes and the technology in stealth

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Submarines navy

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  Your interest in the Navy may be more oriented to under the water than on top. Submarines are officially part of the Navy.  You could serve under the sea and thrive in pressure filled, exclusive and mysterious submarine communities.

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What is the navy like


  You can see what the Navy is like before you join.  The Navy has some pretty cool “toys” to let you experience the Navy first hand.  The Navy sponsors these cool events where you can learn more about the

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Navy life


Considering any new career is a time for information gathering. A career is a big chunk of your time and your life. If you are looking at the military this holds doubly true because your commitment cannot be so quickly

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What’s the navy like

Would you like to see a sunrise in the Baltic Sea? Or a sunset over the Indian Ocean?  What about travel to exotic Ports of call around the world?  When sailing in the Navy, travel and adventure are routine experiences.

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Life After the Navy

  If you join the Navy it is almost guaranteed that you will come out a better, more advanced and technically trained individual.  When your time in the Navy is over you can elect to leave entirely or you can

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Joining the navy

Training, advancement and benefits are why people join the Navy. If you want to be a part of an elite team that serves our country, the Navy should be on your list to investigate. When you train with the Navy

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