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Agricultural career outlook

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Contrary to popular beliefs, urbanization has increased, rather than diminished, the importance of role of agriculture in society. Population growth, combined with increasing concerns on food safety and nutrition has not only driven the demand but also the quality of

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Farm manager career


Believe it or not, farming in the 21st century is quite different from what you may have seen on television or read in books. Today, farming is more than just a way of life. In fact, it is becoming a

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Farm management education


While there are a number of education options in the area of farm management, here are some of the common courses which students will take in an associate or bachelor degree program at a college: • Biology: Students will have

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What is an astronomer


What is an astronomer? An astronomer is a professional scientist who takes the time to study, research, and analyze space, matter, and the universe. They usually work in laboratories or observatories and work on a full time basis. Those who

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Becoming a chemistry teacher


What is a chemistry teacher? A high school chemistry teacher focuses on teaching high school students the subject of chemistry. While chemistry itself is very intricate and detailed, it is the teacher’s duty to present certain concepts and general knowledge

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How to Become an Earth Science Teacher


A person who is interested in becoming an earth science teacher is often a teacher who will teach students in middle or high school. These teachers have specialized knowledge in different subjects and topics in earth sciences such as geology,

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Becoming a Physics Teacher


Teaching can be one of the most rewarding and challenging careers for an individual. There is however, always a need for teachers. Have you thought about a career as a teacher? Do you love physics as a subject? Then perhaps

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How to Become a Biologist


What is a biologist? A biologist is a researcher who study living organism. They collect, analyze, and record data based on their study on all types of life. A biologist can work in various settings, including laboratories and various on-site

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