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SAT Myths

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Shaan Patel, who scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT and the founder of 2400 Expert, the only SAT prep course taught by a student who achieved a perfect score in high school. Enroll in an SAT class taught by

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College dorm


Bria Morse I am entering my senior year at Syracuse University as a Nutrition Science major, with 3 additional minors in public health, biology, and exercise science. Originally from Newburgh, NY, I grew up in an atmosphere that was half suburbia and

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Enjoy it while it lasts


  Samantha Koconis is a Cardinal Stritch University graduate with a BA in Spanish Literature and Language. She also attended Law school in Ann Arbor, MI and has recently started freelance writing. She has packed and unpacked her car too

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Best college for me

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My name is Larry Stansbury and I am a freshmen student at New England College. I am a journalism major. I am very dedicated to journalism not that it’s a fun major but it got me out of my shy

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Write Right


Kaitlyn Hedges is a freelance writer and editor from California and living in Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s in English and minors in editing and anthropology. She enjoys chocolate milk, spaghetti, ultimate Frisbee, and long

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5 Words to add to your vocabulary before applying to college

• Prerequisite: a prerequisite, or “pre-req,” as they’re most commonly called, is a course or other certification that a student must have completed before enrolling in a specific class or degree program. • Transcript: a transcript is a document that

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Non-traditional student

Have you, like so many others, reached a point in your life where going back to school is the only way to increase your career potential and salary earnings? Maybe you were able to land a great job right out

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Single in college

It’s finally here – your first day of college. It was a killer summer, full of fun, saying goodbye and preparation for your big move. One last detail you might want to address is your relationship. Now here us out,

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Making decisions

There are two kinds of people in the world; people who make decisions too quickly and people who never seem to make them at all. Those who keep their options open and embrace the possibility of the unknown and those

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College dorm room

If you are heading off to campus for your four-year degree, you will likely be among the two-thirds of all incoming freshman who live in on-campus dormitories. If so, consider yourself lucky. By living on campus you’ll have better access

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