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Carving out your career as a woodworker


Wood has been used since the beginning of time because it is generally less expensive than other materials and its characteristics are applicable to many uses, from fuel to housing to furniture to art. The demand for wood products continues

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Specializations: Creating your niche as a woodworker


There are many facets to the woodworking trade, each requiring specialized skills and training. Wood is involved in a number of industries from construction to home décor and furnishings to art and music. Here are some of the common specializations

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Drilling down to the curriculum: Courses required for woodworkers


Depending on which area you plan to specialize in woodworking, your courses may vary. For instance, a woodworking artist may have different courses from a construction manager. Below are some of the common courses found in the technical as well

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Tips on Being a Better Woodworker


Woodworkers are professionals who craft and create products out of wood, plywood, and wallboard. Many often have knowledge and skills with many tools, such as saws and power drills. In order to become a woodworker, it is important that the

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