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Software engineer job description


  What do software engineers actually do?  Unless you are already an engineer you may have ideas or assumptions about what a software engineer does. Most people assume they have something to do with computers.  Yes, they are the creative

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Software engineer education


  Software Engineering may look like a fun degree but you can enhance your learning by going outside the college. You probably already know this but this industry moves and changes fast.  College courses will not be able to keep

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Programmer versus Engineer

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  If you haven’t been in this field long you may be confused about being a programmer or a software engineer.  Which one is for you and what is the difference?  This can be a common misconception or even misunderstanding

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  Complexity regains ground in the computer science lab in school. Computers, software, applications, and design are all very complex sounding.  And it is complex.  If you are interested in software engineering as a career you can help keep it

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Software engineer interview questions


  Planning for interviews is critical including as a software engineer.  If you think you can just charm an interviewer with your wit and wisdom, do yourself a favor and prepare for a few technical questions along the way.  Looking

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Technical issues in software development


  Computers and software engineers are amazing and talented.  But they do make mistakes. This is not an exact science nor is it free of error.  So that you know what to watch out for, here are a few mistakes

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Becoming a Software Engineer


  Time magazine still names software engineering as the #1 career when you consider pay and stress level.  This is still amazing considering that many of these jobs are being shipped off-shore.  If you wonder if this is the path

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Software engineer career


  When you look at software engineering as a career field you may want to know the big picture.  What happens down the road?  You get a degree; you get a job, then what? How does one best advance in

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A day in the life of a software engineer


  So let’s say you just got hired by a company to be their newest software engineer.  What can you expect to be doing?  People will be very impressed with your new title.  And they can guess you work with

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