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How to Become a Web Designer

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A web designer is someone who develops and creates websites. They have the ability to modify any aspect of the website including graphics and content. A web designer can work different industries and can also freelance as well. Those who

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Web designer skills and qualities


In order to be successful as a web designer you must be diverse in order to stay in demand. There are constantly new technologies being developed and in order to stay marketable you must learn these skills. In order to

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Web design vs graphic design


Some people may think web designers and graphic designers are the same profession. It can come as a rude awakening when people realize that they are in fact not the same at all. This article will describe the differences of

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Web design tips for beginners

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Web designers are needed for their impeccable skills in certain specialties such as HTML, design, programming, graphics, and much more. However despite how knowledgeable you are in the specified area, it’s important to keep other things in mind if you

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