Different hairstyles

Switching up your hair is one of the quickest ways to give yourself a new look, but what is there to do other than get a cut, change the color, or add hair accessories? You can try out different braids, buns, and ponytails, or add some volume or texture where you previously had none, or even just change up your part! There are so many different ways to change up your hairstyle, here’s just a few ways to do so:
Volumize: To do this, you’ll have to hit the drugstore for some new products. You could buy a bunch of products that have been created for the sole purpose of increasing volume in your hair, or just buy some dry shampoo. Just spray at your roots, flip your hair over and shake, and you’ll instantly have added volume to your hair!
Texturize: With summer comes the endless supply of models and actresses with beach waves that make all of us girls jealous. I get super jealous because I have naturally curly hair that would require a thousand products and a straightener in order to make my curls chill out and look like waves. If you are lucky enough to have straight hair, then try out some of the new products aimed at creating beachy waves. Most are sprays that are relatively inexpensive, and very easy to use. Or, if you have wavy hair that you normally straighten, stop straightening it! Let it be natural, maybe add a defrizzing product if you’re worried about frizz, and let your gorgeous beachy waves be!
Update a ponytail or bun: Try adding braids. Add a side braid to a low ponytail and leave some pieces hanging loose in the front for a messy-pretty look. Or try adding a French braid to a high bun or ponytail to keep the stray hairs in place without a mess of bobby pins. You could also put a little more effort into your typical ponytail by tying it up loosely and flipping the hair underneath and back over the hair tie, pulling the hair through at the end to cover up the hair tie. It looks very classy, and takes just seconds more than a normal ponytail.

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