Changing your Major

My name is DeJuan Foster and I’m a graduate student pursuing my MA in Journalism at Indiana University Bloomington. I also completed my Bachelor’s degree at IU as well in Sport Communication Broadcast. However the journey was not as smooth as it may seem. I changed my major three times before realizing which one was right for me.
My advice for students is to not be afraid to change your major if you find that you are not interested in the major you are in. Many students get the feeling that if they change their major they will have to start over and early on this is not the case. Take all the required classes early so whenever you do declare a major, those credits will transfer.
If you are interested in a particular course and a potential major, research it and discuss it with some people mainly your advisor. Your advisor is there to do exactly what their title says “Advise” you. They have advised many students over their career and they know what they are doing. A good advisor will get to know you and your interests and help you to find the best major for you.
For instance in my case, I came into college a Pre-Journalism major because in high school I wrote for my school paper and I loved it. My family also played a huge role in my first major choice and this can be a bad thing because they are not you and they don’t have to take the classes, get the degree and eventually go to this job every day. I had grown tired of journalism at the time so, I decided to change before I declared and explore my interest in social work.
When I was a Pre-Social Work major I finished up my required classes and took a few courses in social work. I really enjoyed the classes so I put together my application to get into the school. However I was denied admission into the social work program which turned out to be a great thing because while in this major I discovered I wanted to work in sports and they didn’t have much to offer in that field.
I went back to my advisor and told her about my struggles of finding a major that was right for me. The next thing that happen changed my academic career for good. I told my advisor about how I missed writing and my desire to work in sports. Because she knew I could write well so she recommended the sport communication degree to combine my writing skills and passion for sports. Needless to say I completed my degree in Sport Communication Broadcast in May 2014.
My point in telling that extended narrative is that I had to change my major a few times before landed in the one that was right for me and since my advisor knew me she was able to recommend the right one. So don’t be afraid to explore/change majors and stay connected with your advisor, it will benefit you in the end.

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