College girl fashion

By Amber Bek

The Faux Fur Gilet

If you practically live in the arctic like I do, these vegan/wallet friendly trend pieces add instant class to any winter outfit and are perfect for throwing over everything from cozy sweaters to cotton v-neck long sleeves. If you’re lucky enough to be studying somewhere where the sun shines well into the winter months, these go perfectly over a little black dress, with cuffed jeans, or a la Ariana Grande as the perfect third piece to a cami skater skirt combo.

The Chelsea Boot

No single pair of shoes will get you farther than a pair of little black booties. Most of us do quite a few extra [hundred] miles of walking during our collegiate years, and you’re going to want to do it in both comfort and class. For a Monday 8am, pair them with wool socks and leggings. Match them with tights, a bodycon skirt, and a blazer for an interview. For nights out, they pair seamlessly with any dinner/movies/drinks outfit, but will look especially on trend with disco pants and a crop top. Investing in a good pair of leather (or faux leather) Chelsea’s will come only second in importance to choosing your roommate, and will save you a few sore feet day-afters when you choose them over heels.

The Backpack

Messenger, holdall, tote.. I went through every type of side bag there is before realizing my left shoulder wasn’t going to make it through four years of bearing the weight of everything from my textbooks, to my paper-cutter, to my macbook on it’s own. I’ll break it to you gently now. You’re going to need a backpack. But worry not. The Swedish brand Fjällräven has made the all to middle school reminiscent backpack into a lovely trend piece that’s gracing campuses and coffee shops everywhere from Oslo to Upper East Side. Whether you wear it over a winter jacket as the semester commences, or with one of your likely dozen university emblemed T-Shirt during finals, these go perfectly with literally everything and will hold all of your 8am-8pm needs from January to June and back around again.

The Mug

Enviro is in. Asking for your Starbucks order in your own to-go-cup means you’ll get more cafe latte per penny. What is better than slowly saving the earth whilst adding a stylish accessory to any outfit? Win win all around.

The Oversize Scarf

My absolute favorite winter piece is a statement pashmina I bought in Hungary. I’ve yet to find a winter outfit I can’t throw it right over. Bring a little European flair to your stateside campus while taking the the title of toastiest and trendiest girl in class. Cozy meets versatile anyone? You can find them everywhere. As a bonus, they double as blankets in cold lecture halls or during your morning commute. The best part? These will continue to look cute when thrown over dresses and tops come spring.

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